Hunnarshala: Learning from the Past to Build Future

Soumya Mushriff, SVNIT; Ashmili Jadhav ,; Bhagyashri Sisode ,; Dr. Krupesh. A. Chauhan ,

Low Cost Construction, Community Empowerment, Local Artisans, Sustainable Development

Hunnarshala’s campus is an extended metaphor of their experimental disposition. The aim is to provide temporary housing based on owner and community driven reconstruction leading to their expertise in low cost construction. The involvement and knowledge of local artisans form the integral part of design process leading to sustainable development. The research aims to propagate the idea of sustainable methodologies and emerging technologies of Hunnarshala for its further implementation in various projects.
    [1] Jalia A, “Hunnarshala: Looking Backward To See Ahead”, Home Review, 14 June 2013 [2] Personal Interview of Mr. Mahavir Acharya of Hunnarshala foundation from the design team. [3] Virmani S, “Humanising Architecture” Matter E-Magazine (2016)
Paper ID: GRDCF012019
Published in: Conference : Emerging Research and Innovations in Civil Engineering
Page(s): 82 - 87