A Hybrid Diesel-Wind PV based Microgrid

Rajalakshmi Menon, ASIET; Gomathy S ,ASIET; Rajalakshmy S ,ASIET

Power Flow Control, Control Strategy, Equalized Output of All Sources

An experimental implementation of a standalone microgrid topology based on a single voltage source converter (VSC) and brushless generators. The microgrid system is energised with different renewable energy sources namely wind and solar PV array. However, a diesel generator (DG) set and a battery energy storage system (BESS) are also used to maintain the reliability of the system. The proposed topology has the advantage of reduced switching devices and simple control. The implemented topology has DG set as an AC source. The wind generator and the solar PV array are DC sources which are connected to the DC link of the VSC. The BESS is also used at the DC link to facilitate the instantaneous power balance under dynamic conditions. Two controllers for generator, PV and Wind are explained in which one is simulated using Matlab Simulink and Output is obtained.
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Paper ID: GRDCF013010
Published in: Conference : National Conference on Emerging Research Trend in Electrical and Electronics Engineering (ERTE’19)
Page(s): 49 - 52