Review of Macro Strategic Plan of DP 2011 and Proposed DP 2025 for Bhuj Area, Kutch: A Study

Prashitha. C, SVNIT; Gayathri. M. P ,SVNIT; Bhaghyasree Sisode ,SVNIT; Dr. Krupesh. A. Chauhan ,SVNIT

Macro Strategic Plan, Rehabilitation, Development Plan, Infrastructure

The development plan is a macro strategic plan document that defines the direction of growth and envisions the city wide infrastructure for the entire development area. It is a comprehended document that looks at all the components of development and makes specific proposals with respect to each. Bhuj city is the administrative headquarter of Kutch District, Gujarat. BHADA has taken up effective steps in the journey of development to achieve the well-determined vision to provide infrastructure facilities, new town planning of the earthquake affected city of Bhuj, rehabilitation of the earthquake affected people of the city at newly developed relocation sites and to make Bhuj a well-planned city. This paper is based on the study of the existing scenario and road infrastructure of BHADA. The study concludes with the comparison of the revised DP of 2011 and the proposed DP 2025.
    [1] Bhuj Area Development Authority: Revised Draft Development Plan, 2011 AD; Part I, Vol. I and II [2] Government of Gujarat (1976): Gujarat Town Planning and Urban Development Act, 1976. [3] Government of Gujarat, Gujarat Town Planning and Urban Development Act, 1976 and Rules, 1979. [4] Institute of Town Planners (1996): Urban Development Plans Formulation and Implementation.
Paper ID: GRDCF012024
Published in: Conference : Emerging Research and Innovations in Civil Engineering
Page(s): 113 - 117