Study of Climate Responsive Building Form for Kutch Region

Plabita Sharma, SVNIT; Ruchi Singhal ,SVNIT; Bhaghyasree Sisode ,SVNIT; Dr. Krupesh. A. Chauhan ,SVNIT

Traditional Architecture, Climate Responsive Building, Sustainable Construction

The traditional architecture of Kutch represents the social and cultural background of the region and its people. The climate responsive buildings were designed with emphasis on the human comfort which was largely accomplished through the use of locally available materials and sustainable construction techniques. Learning from tradition, which is a powerhouse of knowledge and wisdom of previous generations through the lessons of traditional building can be very powerful tool for improving the buildings of the future.
    [1] Jemish B. Lathiya, "Traditional Architecture of Kutch Region of Gujarat", IJEDR | Volume 4, Issue 1, 2016. [2] Janmejoy G and Shruti Mazumdar, “How Sustainble are Vernacular Dwellings?,” Architecture- Time Space and People, February 2016.
Paper ID: GRDCF012023
Published in: Conference : Emerging Research and Innovations in Civil Engineering
Page(s): 105 - 112