Innovative Step towards Balancing Green Space and Increasing Social Cohesion in Urban Environment: Smriti Van (Bhuj)

Kaushik P. Sheladiya, SVNIT; Jay V. Tailor ,SVNIT; Bhagyashri Sisode ,SVNIT; Dr. Krupesh A. Chauhan ,SVNIT

Smriti Van, Urban Planning, Green Space, Social Cohesion

The main motive of this study to introduce the concept of Smriti Van to make memorial places in memories of people and as an urban planner point of view to balance the green space in urban areas. Natural resources are lungs of urban & rural areas especially green spaces. It includes how urban planner can plan a city in such way that it is a sustainable. Population increases by day to day and hence green area reduces and agricultural land is converted into habitable land. This area can be used for various purposes like to build check dam to store the water and their advantages of increasing ground water storage mainly in areas where water is available in less quantity, it also becomes place of people gathering which increase social cohesion between human being and beautiful nature. Ultimately men understand how nature is important to them such that they try to preserve the natural resources whether it is water body or green parks. Urban planner has to keep certain percentage of land to create Smriti van including total percentage of green space in urban areas as per Urban and Regional Development Plans Formulation & Implementation Guidelines and also as per guidelines of Comprehensive Gujarat Development Control and Regulation. This paper helps to create awareness amongst urban planner / corporate / industrial houses/ IT industries to perform individual social responsibility/ individual environmental responsibility for the sustainable future.
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Paper ID: GRDCF012020
Published in: Conference : Emerging Research and Innovations in Civil Engineering
Page(s): 88 - 93