Domestic Water Desalination Plant using Solar Energy

Parth Patel, VIEAT; Henilsinh Vaghela ,VIEAT; Raj Patel ,VIEAT; Arti Kashyap ,VIEAT

Domestic Water, Desalination Plant, Solar Energy

Rapid growth in human population as well as limitations in water resources due to the contamination and salinization have resulted in significant demand for fresh water. Therefore, it seems essential to develop new sustainable and cost-effective water supply alternatives. Desalination that is a promising method for the purification of saline water, offers unlimited, constant supply of high quality drinking water. The needs for safe and reliable water quantities continue to increase following the expected population expansion by the year 2050. Further, the absence of other sustainable water sources, desalination remains the best option that can meet domestic, public and industry water demand. It does not only address the immediate water needs but also plays a significant role in long-term issue of water security. To provide a sustainable use of desalination technology, the impacts of desalination plants should be investigated and mitigated by means of an environmental impact assessment studies. We will use the method of desalination that is cost effective and economical for village’s people.
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Paper ID: GRDCF012007
Published in: Conference : Emerging Research and Innovations in Civil Engineering
Page(s): 31 - 33