Condition Assessment and Rating of a Building using Condition Survey Protocol (CSP) 1 Matrix

Lavingiya Raag, S V National Institute of Technology; Qureshi Sulaim ,S V National Institute of Technology; Solanki Parth ,S V National Institute of Technology

Building Defects, Defect Identification, Condition Assessment, Building Maintenance

Purpose - This study aims to provide assessment method for building’s condition. Building inspection is one of the key component of building maintenance as it is used for evaluating building’s current condition. Traditionally, a longhand survey description has been used for condition report. Survey that employ ratings instead of description are gaining acceptance in the industry. Hence this study provides quantitative approach towards assessing buildings condition which can be used for defining maintenance plan and also presents a case study carried out. Methodology - In this study, we adopted a condition survey protocol (CSP) 1 matrix for assessment of building’s condition. Two types of ratings are condition assessment and priority assessment. These two assessment criteria are then multiplied to find out the final score of the defects. Findings - The full score is used to give the building an overall rating: good, fair or dilapidated and according to the score type of maintenance can be suggested for the building. Originality/value – The computerized tool can be used for condition assessment, providing an overall rating to the building and type of maintenance needed.
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Paper ID: GRDCF012001
Published in: Conference : Emerging Research and Innovations in Civil Engineering
Page(s): 1 - 6