Power Generation from a Moving Locomotive by Wind Turbine

Shan Varghese Abraham , Dr.N.G.P institute of technology ,Anna university

Hawt-Horizontal Axis Wind Turbine, Lmwt-Locomotive Mounted Wind Turbine, Pmdc-Permanent Magnet Dc,Tsr-Tip Speed RatioWt-Wind Turbine

Locomotive Mounted Wind Turbine (LMWT) is a mounted horizontal axis wind turbine system for heavy electric vehicles. This paper presents the design and implementation of LMWT to generate electricity from the vehicle. LMWT has several new advantages, including high RPM turbine, convenient weight, practical shape, direct storage and portability. And also, this paper evaluates the LMWT performance in terms of power generation. Here analyze that, with proper designing, LMWT can generate approximately 300W and above of power at vehicle speed of 80 km/hr which have a radius of 1m. A number of design considerations have taken into account specially for designing LMWT to ensure its proper functionality in practical heavy electrical locomotives.
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