I.Jeena Jacob, SCAD College of Engg. and Tech; V.Elavarasi ,

Image retrieval, Visual attention, Saliency Structure Model

A novel mechanism to simulate visual attention mechanisms for content-based image retrieval, based on saliency structure histogram method was proposed in this paper. In CBIR, images are indexed by their visual content, such as color, texture, shapes. A color volume with edge information together is used to detect saliency regions. The texture image features, such as energy, inverse difference moment, contrast are extracted. To simulate orientation-selective mechanism for image representation within CBIR framework, saliency structure histogram is used. The performance of the proposed algorithm was evaluated based on two datasets. The proposed algorithm outperforms the standard BOW baseline and micro-structure descriptor.
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Paper ID: GRDCF002024
Published in: Conference : International Conference on Innovations in Engineering and Technology (ICIET - 2016)
Page(s): 99 - 102