Tuning of Photonic Band Gap by Electric Field in a Nonlinear Composite Material

N R Ramanujam, K.L.N. College of Engineering; K S Joseph Wilson ,K.L.N. College of Engineering

Nonlinear Composite Material, Photonic Crystals (PCs), PBG

We theoretically investigate the tuning of Photonic band gaps in one dimensional photonic crystals based on Nano composite of silver nanoparticle embedded in SiO2 by applying electric field. In addition, the tuning can be done by considering the filling fraction and the radius of the nanoparticle. The evolution of these results to provide new possibilities of designing the desired photonic crystals.
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Paper ID: GRDCF002019
Published in: Conference : International Conference on Innovations in Engineering and Technology (ICIET - 2016)
Page(s): 69 - 72