T.Rex, Government College of Technology, Coimbatore; Dr.M.Sekar ,Government College of Technology, Coimbatore

Concentrating collectors, parabolic trough collector, Ceramic-Metal coating CFD analysis

Concentrating collectors are also known as focusing collectors. A parabolic trough is a type of concentrating collector in which the energy from the sunlight is reflected and focused on the absorber tube. This paper focused on the performance of parabolic trough collector which has a ceramic-Metal coating on the absorber tube. A comparison of performance has made between with and without coating on the receiver. Here the ceramic metal coating is a multilayer coating and the layers are molybdenum – alumina. The Parabolic Trough Collector is designed and modeled using Pro/E and SOLIDWORKS. The absorber tube’s performance was calculated theoretically without coating on it. A three-dimensional CFD-model was developed and analyzed using the ANSYS FLUENT15.0. Absorber tube made up of stainless steel is simulated with flow of water and analyzed using computational fluid dynamics software. At the end of the simulation, temperature distribution over the absorber tube was studied. A comparative simulation is made between with and without coating on absorber tube of the parabolic trough collector. Absorber tube with ceramic-metal coating has shown in its performance about 5.03% when the heat flux increasing gradually.
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Paper ID: GRDCF002011
Published in: Conference : International Conference on Innovations in Engineering and Technology (ICIET - 2016)
Page(s): 31 - 37