Dynamic Analysis of Multi Storied Building with and without Shear Wall and Bracing

Sanjeev, Veerappa Nisty Engineering Collage Shorapur; Prof. Lokesh. G ,Veerappa Nisty Engineering Collage Shorapur; Prof. Sahebgouda Patil ,Veerappa Nisty Engineering Collage Shorapur; Dr. Lingaraj Shastri ,Veerappa Nisty Engineering Collage Shorapur

Plan, Etab, Analysis of Building

Now a day the number of buildings are constructed and designed on the basis of architectural requirement and aesthetic view. Most of buildings are constructed in some spatial configuration like X shape, V shape with x and y co-ordinates non parallel to the structure. Earthquake is causing more damage to different configuration of building and their main problem is in the slenderness ratio. The main goal of this project is to make a comparative study of dynamic behavior of buildings with different configuration of structure in all seismic zones and different types of soils. In this study, a spatial configuration structure of 20stories up to 70m height of each storey height of 3.5m, with Shear wall and bracing at a different location in building is considered. The dynamic behavior of the building in all seismic zones II, III, IV, V and on different types of soil say hard, medium and soft soil was studied .The structure has outer periphery beams carrying R.C Shear wall of 200 mm thickness. The response spectrum analysis was carried out by using software of ETAB’s version 9.7.4.considering bracing and shear wall at a different location in the building. The following seismic parameters were analyzed and the behavior of the structure was studied in detail.
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Paper ID: GRDJEV02I090034
Published in: Volume : 2, Issue : 9
Publication Date: 2017-09-01
Page(s): 44 - 51