Comparing the Structural and Electrical Properties of Barium Hexaferrite after Substituting Co-Sn and Zn -Sn

Vaishali Soman, Priyadarshini Indira Gandhi College of Engineering, Nagpur; Vijay Soman ,S. M. Mohota Science College, Nagpur

Magnetoplumbite, BaFe10.4Co+2.8Sn+4.8O19, BaFe10.4Zn+2.8Sn+4.8O19, Electrical Conductivity, Activation Energy

Barium Hex ferrite (BaFe12O19 ) is widely used in recording media and as permanent magnets. The Fe ion is partially substituted by Co-Sn and Zn-Sn to get BaFe10.4Co+2.8Sn+4.8O19 and BaFe10.4Zn+2.8Sn+4.8O19 which are prepared by solid state diffusion method. Several possible site distributions and an electron transfer may occur. The identification of the compounds is done by X-ray diffraction. They are found to have single phase magnetoplumbite structure. Electrical properties are studied and electrical conductivity study shows that Cobalt substituted compound has more electrical conductivity than Zinc substituted compound. The activation energies of both the compounds are also calculated. The activation energy of Cobalt substituted compound is less than that of zinc substituted compound. Also conductivity increases with rise in temperature which shows semiconducting nature of the newly synthesized samples.
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Paper ID: GRDJEV01I100070
Published in: Volume : 1, Issue : 10
Publication Date: 2016-10-01
Page(s): 103 - 105