Analysis of Thermal Energy Storage system using Paraffin Wax as Phase Change Material

R. Nivaskarthick, Pannai College of Engineering and Technology
Phase Change Material; Paraffin Wax; Charging; Discharging
A significant amount of heat is wasted in electricity general, manufacturing, chemical and industrial process. Recovery and reuse of this energy through storage can be useful in conservation of energy and meeting the peak demands of power. A shell and spiral type heat exchanger has been designed and fabricated for low temperature industrial waste heat recovery using phase change material. Paraffin wax (Melting Point 54 oC) was used as storage media due to its low cost and large-scale availability in Indian market. Experiments were performed for different mass flow rates and inlet temperature of heat transfer fluid for recovery and use of waste heat. The effect of mass flow rate on the performance of the system was studied. Calculations for overall heat transfer during charging (melting of PCM) and discharging (solidification of PCM) and heat discharging efficiency were also made.	
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Other Details
Paper ID: GRDCF002012
Published in: Conference : International Conference on Innovations in Engineering and Technology (ICIET - 2016)
Page(s): 38 - 47
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