Data Mining and Expert System Based on Efficient IDS

Seema Ranga, Uiet kurukshetra; Ajay Jangra ,Uiet kurukshetra

ids, testing, weka, redundent, classification

With popularization of internet, internet attack cases are also increasing, thus information safety has become a significant issue all over the world, hence Nowadays, it is an urgent need to detect, identify and hold up such attacks effectively [1]. In this modern world intrusion occurs in a fraction of seconds and Intruders cleverly use the adapted version of command and thereby erasing their footprints in audit and log files. Successful IDS intellectually differentiate both intrusive and nonintrusive records. Most of the existing systems have security breaches that make them simply vulnerable and could not be solved. Moreover substantial research has been going on intrusion detection system which is still considered as immature and not a perfect tool against intrusion. It has also become a most priority and difficult tasks for network administrators and security experts. So it cannot be replaced by more secure systems [2].
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Paper ID: GRDJEV01I100006
Published in: Volume : 1, Issue : 10
Publication Date: 2016-10-01
Page(s): 1 - 7