Magnetic Resonance based Wireless Power Transfer System

 Krishnaprasad V. M , Adi Shankara Institue Of Engineering And Technology, Kalady; Ben Rose P. J ,Adi Shankara Institute of Engineering & Technology
AC Electricity, W ireless Electricity Device, Oscillating magnetic Field, Resonant Magnetic Coupling, Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI)
Wireless Electricity transmission is based on strong coupling between electromagnetic resonant objects to transfer energy wirelessly between them. This differs from other methods like simple induction, microwaves, or air ionization. The system consists of transmitters and receivers that contain magnetic loop antennas critically tuned to the same frequency. Due to operating in the electromagnetic near field, the receiving devices must be no more than about a quarter wavelengths from the transmitter .Unlike the far field wireless power transmission systems based on traveling electro -magnetic waves, Wireless Electricity employs near field inductive coupling through magnetic fields similar to those found in transformers except that the primary coil and secondary winding are physically separated, and tuned to resonate to increase their magnetic coupling. These tuned magnetic fields generated by the primary coil can be arranged to interact vigorously with matched secondary windings in distant equipment but far mo re weakly with any surrounding objects or materials such as radio signals or biological issue.
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Other Details
Paper ID: GRDCF004027
Published in: Conference : National Conference on Emerging Research Trend in Electrical and Electronics Engineering
Page(s): 124 - 128
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