Portable Mini Projector for Smart Phones

Mohammed Azharudheen, Adi Shankara Institue Of Engineering And Technology, Kalady; Nevil Xavier ,Adi Shankara Institute of Engineering & Technology; Sanju Kannan ,Adi Shankara Institute of engineering and Technology; Alan Mathew George ,Adi shankara institute of engineering and technology,
Fresnel Lens, Focusing Lens, LCD Screen, LED, Mini Projector, Portable
The educational system in our society has more advancements. The black board class rooms are changed to smart class rooms. The proposed method is a portable mini projector which can be connected to any smartphones. This proposed system increases the portability of the smart class rooms. This is carried out by using Raspberry pi, where portability is the main aim which is achieved by providing more power battery backup and can be implemented as a future technology. The portability allows the user to carry the device anywhere and can use any time. The cost of the system is also affordable for all.
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Paper ID: GRDCF004016
Published in: Conference : National Conference on Emerging Research Trend in Electrical and Electronics Engineering
Page(s): 78 - 81
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