Myoelectric Prosthetic Arm

Athira Babu N, Adi Shankara Institue Of Engineering And Technology, Kalady; Aswin K B ,Adi Shankara Institute of Engineering & Technology; Jayadev M P ,Adi Shankara Institute of engineering and Technology
Action Potential, EMG Electromyography, EMG Signal Processing, Prosthesis
A myoelectric prosthetic arm can replace the missing arm that has been lost due to accident or diseases. This physical impairment limits the motor abilities of human arm. Our project aims to develop a cost effective arm using surface EMG electrodes. The muscle signals are collected using a sensor, processed and given to a microcontroller to rotate the servo motors accordingly. The magnitude of voltage signal decides the servo motor to be operated.
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Paper ID: GRDCF004013
Published in: Conference : National Conference on Emerging Research Trend in Electrical and Electronics Engineering
Page(s): 68 - 69
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