Parametric Study on Conical Shape Tank

Vijay Shah, Diwaliba Polytechnic Uka tarsadiya University, Bardoli,Gujarat,India; Tushar Patel ,Diwaliba Polytechnic Uka tarsadiya University, Bardoli,Gujarat,India
Conical tank, Optimization, Parametric study
In this paper parametric study of conical tank is investigated with original approach considering the (IS-3370) draft code. The main focus for studying this topic is mainly to identify the major parameter affecting the storage of conical tank. The Conical tank shape is optimized based on different parameters example for diameter, slope, and length of slop. The basic parameter like capacity of conical tank, height of water tank from ground are tacking constant here. A excel model and mathematical model is develop, and the model result were validates with available data from the books “advanced reinforced concrete design” by Krishna Raju. The studies of different parameters are observing by the result of force, moment, stress etc. and suggest the best optimum shape of the cinical tank. The hydrodynamic and dynamic effects were not considered in the analysis.	
[1]	D.P.Rath (1999). “Shape optimization of RC flexural members” Journal of Structural Engineering, pp 1439-1446.
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[4]	Indian standard code for Liquid Storage Structures(first edition), IS 3370 (Part I to IV)
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[6]	“Advanced Reinforced Concrete Design” by N.Krishna Raju
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[8]	IS 1893 (Part1) 2002, criteria for earthquake resistance design
[9]	IS 3370 (PartI,II,III,IV,) Code of practice for liquid storage tank
Other Details
Paper ID: GRDCF001024
Published in: Conference : Recent Advances in Civil Engineering for Global Sustainability (RACEGS-2016)
Page(s): 117 - 120
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