Seismic Assessment Of Masonary Wall As Equivalent Diagonal Strut In Rc Frame Building

Vikunj K. Tilva, GIDC Degree Engineering College, Navsari, Gujarat, India; Hardik N. Pansuria ,GIDC Degree Engineering College, Navsari, Gujarat, India; Kaushal D. Patel ,GIDC Degree Engineering College, Navsari, Gujarat, India; Smeet R. Desai ,GIDC Degree Engineering College, Navsari, Gujarat, India
Seismic Effect, Base Shear, Story Drift, Displacement, Equivalent Diagonal Strut
In the present era we are spotting that the load bearing structures are substituted by the RC frame structures because of its sustainability against the earthquake, durability, long life span and also high strength. In past history, it has been observed that some of the greatest earthquakes on the earth have caused tremendous effect on human life and property. Most earthquake-induced casualties are the direct result of structural collapses. Structural collapse implies that the structural system is unable to withstand its own gravity loads. In this paper, symmetrical frame of commercial building (G+5) located in different seismic zones and different soil condition is considered by modeling of initial frame. Which contain the provisions of calculation of stiffness of infill masonry wall frames by modeling infill as a “Equivalent diagonal strut method” and IS 1893-2002. This linear static analysis is to be carried out on the models such as strut frame which is performed by using computer software STAAD-Pro from which different parameters are computed. In which it shows that infill panels increase the stiffness of the structure. Different parameters like displacement, storey drift, and base shear are calculated for the different storey height.	
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Other Details
Paper ID: GRDCF001022
Published in: Conference : Recent Advances in Civil Engineering for Global Sustainability (RACEGS-2016)
Page(s): 111 - 116
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