Development of Multistoried Rcc Building Model with Soft Storey In Staad Pro

Pachchigar Foram, S.S.A.S.I.T, Surat, Gujarat,India ; Patel Falguni ,S.S.A.S.I.T, Surat, Gujarat,India ; Patel Minal ,S.S.A.S.I.T, Surat, Gujarat,India ; Vaghasiya Nidhi ,SSASIT, Surat, Gujarat, India

Soft Storey, Static Analysis, Time History Analysis, Seismic Analysis, Storey Drift

After Gujarat Earthquake and other earthquakes in India, there is a nation-wide attention to the seismic vulnerability assessment of existing buildings. The fundamental design concept of earthquake resistance design of structures is to make strong column- weak beam construction to ensure safety of user means during earthquake beams yield before columns collapse. Many buildings that collapsed during the past earthquake exhibited exactly the opposite strong beam weak column behaviour means columns failed before the beams yielded mainly due to soft storey effect. The buildings with soft storey are very susceptible under earthquake load which create disasters. Due to uses of vehicles and their movements at ground levels infill walls are generally avoided in parking plot, which creates soft storey effect. It should be noted that 70 to 80 % of buildings of urban areas in India fall under the classification of soft storey structure according to IS 1893 (2002) Part-I. The open ground storey or soft storey is both a soft and a weak storey. For proper assessment of the storey stiffness of buildings with soft storey, different models G+5 and G+11 will be analyzing using software. Evaluation of the storey stiffness due to soft storey of multi storied building considering various models will be presented in final phase of project.
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Paper ID: GRDCF001019
Published in: Conference : Recent Advances in Civil Engineering for Global Sustainability (RACEGS-2016)
Page(s): 95 - 102