Threats To Canada’s Transportation System

Kavita N. Choksi, S.S.A.S.I.T, Surat, Gujarat, India; Darshan Mehta ,S.S.A.S.I.T, Surat, Gujarat, India; Manthan Ramani ,Carleton University, Ottawa, ON, Canada

Critical infrastructure, critical threats, national security, public safety, Transportation security

The transportation system of any country is a vital part of their economy and public life. Country’s national security is majorly based on the transportation system by which most of the commercial businesses are done through all coasts and parts of nation. The objective of this paper is to categorize numerous critical dangers and their relative safety measures on Canada’s national transportation system such as rail, road, marine and air transportation. Transportation system may face natural, accidental and malicious harms. The national transportation structure is so crucial that a damage of such conveyance mode or system would have a devastating impact on national economic security, public health or safety, or any other critical sector such as trade or business. Critical hazards and vulnerabilities to transportation systems through various modes of damages were recognized for a long time and many new ways and regulations came out to reduce and regulate those deficiencies after such big causes of devastation. Canada’s transport ministry had induced many new conventions and safety supervision systems in order to prevent and minimize the critical threats to major transportation systems of the nation. Canadian government had introduced various safety programs such as CATSA (Screening Contractor Management System) for airport security and safety management system (SMS) for rail security. This paper will also discuss various recommendations and safety measures to be taken while various critical conditions happen and it also contains a possible solution to various problems regarding the security of various modes of transportation in Canada.
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Paper ID: GRDCF001013
Published in: Conference : Recent Advances in Civil Engineering for Global Sustainability (RACEGS-2016)
Page(s): 60 - 65